Certificate in Alkalising

Online Accredited Diploma

The Certificate in Alkalising is a distance learning accredited course designed to fit around your current lifestyle. It is a must for all therapists and health professionals but is also available to beginners with a general interest in health and nutrition.

For further information about this course please read Course Details, Accreditation, Student feedback and FAQ.

Course Details

Distance Learning Insurable Course

The acid alkaline diet is at the forefront of complementary medicine.

The Certificate in Alkalising Includes:

  • The Principles of Alkalising
  • The pH Balance Diet
  • Maintaining the Balance
  • The Benefits of Alkalising
  • Meal Planning
  • Dealing with Clients
  • How to Create a Professional Development Plan
  • Setting up your Business
  • Marketing your Business

The course will give you an understanding of the importance of acid alkaline balance for optimum health. You will learn the basics of what is involved in acid alkaline balance and gain up to date research in the field. You will also be given the confidence to set up your own practice as an Alkalising Practitioner once qualified.

Free Personal Tutor

You will be assigned a personal tutor to help you with your work and any questions you may have. Your tutor will be a fully qualified Alkalising Practitioner and on board to help you every step of the way.

Free Personal Mentor

When you have completed your diploma you will be assigned a personal mentor to help you set up your business. They will provide you with one on one support and practical advice to ensure you succeed in your new career as an Alkalising Practitioner.

Why Become an Alkalising Practitioner?

There are many reasons to become an Alkalising Practitioner, below are just a few:

  • You can work the hours you choose
  • You will be working in the future field of health and nutrition
  • You can work from home or a location you choose
  • You can fit your career around your life
  • Everyday will offer a new and exciting challenge
  • You dictate your own success
  • You can be your own boss

How the Course Works

The Certificate in Alkalising will allow you to study at your own pace in your own home. You can start it in your own time and complete what you can when you have the time. You will have a year to finish the course and even if you don’t finish it in that time, arrangements can be made. There are 7 modules to complete and some of these will include assignments. Once you have completed an assignment you will simply email it to your tutor and wait for feedback. You will receive detailed feedback within 5 working days from your tutor. They will be there to help you every step of the way. Beth Holder, a leading health and well-being expert and Nutritionist wrote the course with the student in mind. It is packed with information and inspiring ideas, up to date research and tasks and assignments to ensure you are learning every step of the way. You will receive a link to download all course material.

Course Material Includes:

  • The Certificate in Alkalising manual
  • An easy to follow guide on how to complete your course
  • A free booklet on home study tips
  • A successful business guide
  • Supplementary information to further your reading and understanding of the subject

The course will be yours to start in your own time and remember if you have any questions your tutor can be contacted for help.

Course Cost

The Certificate in Alkalising Course Costs £200


This course is fully accredited and insurable.

Student Feedback

“I am already a Nutritionist but wanted to learn more about the acid alkaline diet. This course was really informative and also gave me some ideas to build my business” “A great course with all the support I needed to gain the confidence to use my new skills”


Do I need any experience to enroll on the course?

No, you don’t need any experience, just the motivation to do it!

I am already a Nutritionist; will this qualification help my business?

Yes, this course will greatly enhance your business by keeping you up to date in the filed. The acid alkaline balance is at the forefront of complementary therapies

How long will it take me to complete the course?

It will probably take you around 6 months to complete but you can complete it as quickly or slowly as you like!

Can I study this course wherever I live?

Yes, this is a distance-learning course so you can study it anywhere. You will need access to a computer and the Internet.

Can I call myself an Alkalsing Practitioner?

Yes you can call yourself an Alkalising Practitioner and be right at the forefront of what is to be one of the leading complementary therapies.

What sort of assignments will I be asked to do?

The course consists of 7 modules and there will be assignments throughout. The assignments will either be working on a hypothetical case study or doing some research.

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