Advanced Food Intolerance Testing

Have you ever felt bloated or uncomfortable after eating? Concerned that you might be intolerant to wheat or dairy?

We use the most advanced bio-energetic testing machine, The Asyra Pro to test for any food intolerances you may have. We use hair samples to make the procedure non invasive. Hair samples can store information for up to 3 months or more and are not affected by your last meal, like some blood tests are.

The Food Intolerance Test involves a full analysis of your health in relation to food, including:

  • Food sensitivity/intolerance, testing over 200 different foods!

You will receive a full report and clear explanations of your results, identifying the food/s you may be best avoiding. This test is one of our most popular and is suitable for all ages (including babies and children!)

Take a look at the FAQ’s at the bottom of the page for further information on the food sensitivities that are tested for and/or for further information about the test.  

To purchase your Advanced Food Intolerance Test via post (£50), simply click on the buy now button below.



Follow up sessions may be recommended between 3-6 weeks after your initial test (this will be discussed with you)


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