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We have partnered with the best health and wellness shops to ensure their amazing products are available to you.


Don’t we all get a little stressed sometimes? John Levine and his alpha music have helped many of our friends, family and clients. It takes only four minutes of listening to his music, to feel calm, relaxed, focused and worry free. It is also valuable if you are having trouble sleeping. Useful for all ages and a personal favourite! Click on the link above to be taken to John Levine’s Alpha Music store to find out more.


We have been working with Avocado Ninja for many years now. As a company, they have been living, breathing, teaching and coaching the alkaline lifestyle for over seven years. They provide the best alkalising products, such as Green Juice, Water Ionisers, Juicers and so much more. Simply click on the link above to browse our wonderful partner company, Avocado Ninja.


We have searched high and low for the best supplements to take care of your nutritional needs. If you are looking for completely natural supplements, with no binders, fillers or nasty additives, simply click on the link above to be taken to our wonderful partner company, Cytoplan.